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  • Address:
    Alma’thar District

  • Phone:
    966114816666 Ext. 600
  • Email:
  • Amenities:

    •  Gym
    •  Swimming Pool
    •  Reserved Parking
    •  Recreational Room
Dur Al Maathar Compound is located in a dynamic and exceptional area. The compound has a unique and modern feel complete with privacy, security and a wonderful family atmosphere. Also, it in-houses sports facilities such as a swimming pool, fully equipped gym and many other services. The unique compound is enforced with maximum level of security and general services are available 24 hours. The compound offers also a welcoming feeling, spacious walkways, upscale and unmatched organization, in addition to beautiful landscaping providing families with a wonderful healthy atmosphere. Dur Al Maathar Compound consists of 73 villas of diversified spaces, and is considered a new and upscale compound built and complete just 3 years ago. It was built on a 20,000 m2 land area (13.309 m2 building area, equivalent to 45% of the total area). A total of 55% of the area was dedicated to landscaping, open spaces and recreational facilities.
Types Of Units:

C,  3  Bedroom,  Area - 173 sqm  Rent -  (SR)99000

D,  4  Bedroom,  Area - 265 sqm  Rent -  (SR)160000

A,  4  Bedroom,  Area - 290 sqm  Rent -  (SR)179000

C1,  2  Bedroom,  Area - 161 sqm  Rent -  (SR)85000

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