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Compounds in Jeddah
(SR)60,000 - (SR)160,000
J One Residence Compound

J|One Residence is a premier residential complex, located in north Jeddah, J|ONE has been designed to provide tenants with a high standard of accommodation introducing new innovative architecture and design to the countr..

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(SR)65,000 - (SR)200,000

Finest Luxury Compounds in JeddahThe splendor of greenery surrounds sparkling pools while balmy breezes caress you as you discover your new home in Jeddah.This description is not from an imaginary tale of Arabian Nights ..

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(SR)140,000 - (SR)220,000
Dur Communities Jeddah "Dur Al Rawdah Compound/Dur Al Andalus Compound / Dur Al Yasmin Compound "

Dur Communities Jeddah offer different scales of compounds in order to meet different accommodation needs of different affordable budgets. This includes three residential compounds, Dur Al Rawdah/Dur Al Yasmin/Dur Al And..

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