About Us

right compound.com  is the first and only website where you can find the top Saudi residential compounds all in one place. It offers the fastest, easiest, most effective and most cost-efficient ways for you as a prospective resident, to decide on your next home even before reaching Saudi Arabia.


right compounds.com  is firmly committed to its users and serving their needs. Our comprehensive platforms of listing of residences, as well as our brilliant team, are available at all time to help you find the right location to match all of your needs.


right compound.com  is a property of Treasury Properties Est. which is officially registered with the Saudi Ministry of Commerce.



Our Vision


To be a place that enhances the experience of expats and contributes positively in their adventurous stay in Saudi Arabia.



Our Mission


To empowers both compound seekers and compound managers with the tools and information they need to meet their objectives in one efficient place.